Lythgoe Design Group

Wine cottage - charlestone, UT

This was a fun unique design. The owner wanted it to be an enjoyable and intimate space. This design is cozy and is a good human scale. It feels like a warm inviting space to sit by the fire and read a good book.

The stone, timber, and round doorways give it a “Hobbit” style feel.

The Wine Cottage is partially subterranean to help create an ambient temperature for the storage of wine. The timber work and the octagonal shape are two major features of this design. The timber work can be found outside on the front elevation, and within the structure. Within the wine storage portion of this building the octagonal shape can be found in the cabinetry, the shape of the room, all the way up to the roof where it comes to a point.

This design is a great example of functional design, that is full of beauty and unique architecture.

Wine Cottage
– Charleston, UTAH –