Lythgoe Design Group


The foundation and legacy for Lythgoe Design Group started in 1973 when Lane’s father, Hartley Lythgoe, established Lythgoe Construction inc. in Heber City, Utah. Starting at the age of 12, Lane would work with his father during the summer months picking up nails, cleaning the work area and helping his father work his trade. As the years went by Lane learned the art of construction and after fifteen years had learned in detail the trade of general contractor and master builder.

Intending to continue in his father’s industry, Lane received his Bachelor of Science in engineering from Brigham Young University in 1988. Upon graduating from BYU, Lane worked for Salt Lake County Architecture as an intern architect and gained valuable experience in commercial facility management and architecture. During his tenure at Salt Lake County, Lane attended night school and obtained an MBA from University of Phoenix. Upon leaving the County in 1995 Lane established Lythgoe Design Group. Lane is licensed as an architect in Utah, Colorado, and Idaho, and is also a licensed general contractor.

Today the LDG team balances modern day technology and building methods with a classical approach. LDG is a member of the ICAA (Institute of Classical Art & Architecture) and is currently training a new generation of aspiring Architects from UVU’s classical architecture program who are committed to carrying on the Lythgoe legacy.

From left to right: Hartley, Bucky the dog, Scot, Lane


Lythgoe Design Group is known for their high quality, thoughtful architectural designs which create a sense of community and belonging. LDG does this by using classical techniques such as the use of historical precedent, sacred geometry and proportion, knowledge and use of indigenous materials, and mindfulness of sustainable urban design.

Founded and based in Heber City, Utah, their diverse portfolio of projects have included high-end residences, multi-use commercial buildings, healthcare facilities, equestrian outbuildings, and cemetery columbariums in cities and rural areas in the western United States.

LDG has a reliable and skilled design team and great relationships with builders and engineers to ensure quality through each step of the process. Lythgoe Design Group holds a deep respect for the past, and a sensitive vision of the future allowing them to create designs that benefit our clients, the environment and the entire community.