TOTO Shelter Study Plan

TOTO Shelter Study Plan


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The study plan is for the purpose of verifying that this is the right product for you before paying the full cost of the product. You may use the study set to obtain preliminary bids, preform site anaysis, verify code compiance with local municipality etc.

The Toto shelter is the most robust extreme weather shelter on the market.  The Toto shelter features “strong design” angular surfaces to deflect storm energy around the occupants and the entrance, a hurricane certified roof hatch protects the occupants from direct “missile” impacts, bunker engineered ventilation system maintains quality of air during extreme weather conditions, “plug in” aftermath generator connection along with temporary shelter accommodations allows for use of the shelter during after event situations.


The TOTO shelter includes:

  • Hurricane resistant roof hatch: The Toto shelter uses the “Bilco NB rated roof hatch”.  This roof hatch is the only roof hatch in the building industry to receive a hurricane certification rating based upon the Florida Building Code and the Miami-Dade County high performance criteria.
  • Pre-cast Concrete concept: The Toto shelter is a pre-cast concrete system. This means the concrete is cast in a manufacturing plant where the materials and curing are controlled to maximize their strength.
  • Ventilation system: The Toto shelter ventilation duct is a simplified system that was developed for NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) bunkers to help preserve the vital quality of indoor air.
  • Electrical connections: The Toto Shelter provides an exterior electrical sleeve for use after the weather has passed.  This feature allows the occupants to have a small microwave and light inside the shelter for survival accommodations during the aftermath of the event.
  • Accommodations: The Toto Shelter provides sitting, standing, sleeping, eating, and temporary restroom accommodations for survival conditions for you and your family; before, during and after the extreme weather event.

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