Design Philosophy:

Creativity: We approach each project with a fresh clean canvas and work tirelessly to translate your ideas into a creative solution. No two designs will ever  be the same; this is because no two owners are the same.

Quality: A fact that is prevalent in every aspect of their business is quality. From their high standards of design to their community volunteer service, Lythgoe Design Group provides uncompromising quality of service and product to their customers. We are constantly looking at how we do things and how we can improve; from design to communication, quality is a daily habit for us.

Earth Sensitivity: Lythgoe Design Group is committed to the preservation of our natural resources and the enhancement of the built environment. It is their belief that as a society we can create structures with distinction and personality without a huge drain on the environment. Lythgoe Design Group promotes projects that act responsibly to our society and environment of the “not so big house” concept, energy efficiency, earth sensitive materials, and quality of construction.

Technology: Through the aide of “state of the art” equipment and visionary software, Lythgoe Design Group can provide exterior and interior virtual models of the buildings that are directly linked to the “hard documents” used in the construction process. What you see in the computer model is what you get in construction documents. The result is a higher level of accuracy in the drawings, a tighter understanding between the client’s vision and the end result which translates into unmatched customer satisfaction. Building Information Modeling (BIM) brings to the project such benefits as proper site placement, sun studies, energy use studies, architectural/structural engineering visualizations, material selection, component tolerance check and material calculations.

Design Team:

LANE M. LYTHOGE, President & Licensed Architect

Lane began his career in architecture at the young age of 12. His father who started Lythgoe Construction in 1973 employed Lane during the summer months and on weekends to “help out” on the job. At first Lane only picked up nails, cleaned the work area and watched his father work his trade. As the years went by Lane learned the art of construction and after fifteen years had learned in detail the trade of general contractor and master builder.

Lane received his Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Brigham Young University in 1988. Upon graduating from BYU, Lane went to work for Salt Lake County Architecture as an intern architect and gained valuable experience in commercial facility management and architecture. During his tenure at Salt Lake County, Lane went to night school and obtained an MBA degree. Upon leaving the County in 1992 Lane established Lythgoe Design Group, inc and received his Architects license to practice in the State of Utah. Lane also holds an architects license in the state of Colorado and is a licensed contractor in the state of Utah.


Lythgoe Design Group:

About us:

Lythgoe Design Group, inc is a Utah based “sub chapter S” professional design corporation located in the beautiful Heber Valley, offering residentail and commercial architecture (licensed in Utah and Colorado), green build design, planning & development, design/build services, and building information modeling (BIM).

Lythgoe Design Group has been creating custom Architecture for families, companies, and local builders since 1984, and has been ever growing their circle of influence in the Salt Lake, Summit, Utah, and Wasatch County areas. Their in-depth knowledge in architecture, planning, construction, and business has made them a valuable resource to homeowners and businesses that want the individual quality design without the high pressure of a large firm.

“As a small firm we are a close-knit office–overview and coordination of all aspects of a project are automatic. Everybody in the office overhears everything–there is no compartmentalization. It’s all one-on-one.



  • Residential & Commercial Architecture
  • Planning
  • Design/Build
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Green build designs